Matthew Dearsley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Matthew Dearsley Photography [email protected] (Matthew Dearsley Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:07:00 GMT The Milky Way I've always wanted to do long exposures of the Milky Way and other astrophotography.  Being a bit of a city dweller (well, the 'burbs anyway), it's hard to find a dark enough place to take good images.  

Luckily, the other night we were flying southbound over the Atlantic Ocean and were able to have a good view of the stars.  The hardest bit about doing the image was the fact that even the slightest bit of turbulence would lead to streaks.  If I cut the exposure time, I'd have to up the ISO (Aperture already as wide as possible) and by doing so would have to deal with extra noise.  The subject matter being specks of light, noise would be nearly indistinguishable.  So I had to find the sweet spot.

Eventually, after some experimentation, I settled on 10sec @ ƒ/4.0 at ISO6400.  EOS 5D MK III--EF24-105 at 24mm. The camera was mounted on a Platypod Pro, which I must say is an awesome bit of kit.

I'm looking forward to trying this on the ground, where I know for sure things won't move! Milky WayMilky WaySeen flying across the Atlantic ocean, east of the Caribbean Sea, the Milky Way stood out clearly.

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Fall walks Autumn is always a magical time of year to take pictures.  Heck, even to just get out and have a wander about.  Even horrible grey days are filled with atmosphere and the possibility of interesting images.


Trees after the AutumnTrees after the Autumn

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Had a nice little trip to Male in the Maldives.  We didn't get to stay on any of the remote islands, but did manage a day trip to a little island called Bandos.  Sun, sea, sand...what more can one ask for?

So, I trekked off for a time to see what the island would present for image potential.  In a word, not much.  Some interesting crabs that burrow into the sand.  Unfortunately, they were extremely shy, and I didn't have time to wait silently for them to come out and pose.

I did find these wonderful dead sun bleached trees that offered some interesting shots.  A Maakana bird showed up and stuck around posing for me for a while!

Dead Tree in the Maldives


Maakana Bird

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San Diego Just arrived for a few days in San Diego.  Managing to get some work done on this new website.  Let's hope it works...I'm fairly good at 'using' websites, but to create one?  Not so easy I'm finding!

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